Worried About Ulcers? Your Horse is One Click Away From a Happier Ride!

Is Your Horse


When your horse is in work, his or her stomach is not protected!

Use Tum-Ease EQ to prevent ulcers with two cookies before and after you ride!

“I have used BioStar products for many years, and one of my favorites is Tum Ease! I give all of my horses 2 cookies while grooming them and preparing to ride, as well as 2 when we are finished schooling.  It is wonderful,  healthy treat for them, that is so good for protecting their gastric system naturally. They also love them for their post ride stretches!” – Shannon Peters of SPeters Dressage

Tum-Ease EQ™ is a unique supplement for equine GI tract health, with a combination of ingredients that helps horses prone to ulcers or with ulcer sensitivities. When horses are ridden, gastric acid production increases and can leak or spill onto the delicate intestinal mucosa, causing irritation. Tum-Ease™ does not interfere with gastric acid production, but does provide support for the intestinal mucosa.