Sandy Ferrell Emphasizes Progress Over Perfection at Rutledge Farm Sessions

Middleburg, Va. – Nov. 9, 2020 – Champion hunter rider and trainer Sandy Ferrell hosted the inaugural Rutledge Farm Sessions clinic tailored specifically to show hunters Saturday, November 7. Hailing from Hagerstown, Maryland and Wellington, Florida, Ferrell brought a fresh take on hunter training to Middleburg, Virginia to riders of all levels, emphasizing the importance of straightness, body control, and having fun.

“Teaching clinics is fun, and for me they are always about progression,” Ferrell explained. “It doesn’t mean you got it perfect at the end of the session, it is that we got your brain working differently and the connection to your horse working differently. It’s about getting the riders out of their comfort zone without doing anything crazy.”

Amanda Tesvich-Brown and Allmyso

Throughout the day, Rutledge Farm welcomed 20 riders who were eager to learn from Ferrell’s experience. Following a flatwork warmup geared toward preparing the riders and horses for jumping, Ferrell had riders take their horses through cavaletti combinations at the trot and the canter followed by coursework. Ferrell’s teaching style focused on progress over perfection, highlighting the importance of improving riders’ connection with their horses and proper use and control of their bodies.

Lindsey Welsh commented on her experience, saying “It was awesome! My horse and I were supposed to be at a show this weekend and my trainer told me Sandy [Ferrell] was doing a clinic. She said, ‘You have to do a lesson with her, she is going to teach you so much.’ So we skipped the show and I think it was a really good call. To learn from someone with that experience is rare and awesome. We are lucky to be somewhere that does that!”

Ferrell added, “Rutledge Farm is amazing, and the maintenance and upkeep is unbelievable. I got a tour and heard a lot about the history of the farm. Aleco [Bravo-Greenberg] is so personable and so fun to talk to. It’s beautiful here, what’s not to like!”

Rutledge Farm is proud to bring on-demand access to all of the Rutledge Farm Sessions thanks to USEF Network. Using the code ‘Rutledge 19’, all 2019-2020 clinics can be accessed from the comfort of your home for free!


NOVEMBER 21, 2020
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