Phelps Media Group, Inc. International Announces New Client: MediVet Equine

Phelps Media Group, Inc. International Announces New Client: MediVet Equine (Graphic: Courtesy of MediVet Equine)

Phelps Media Group, Inc. International Announces New Client: MediVet Equine (Graphic: Courtesy of MediVet Equine)

Nicholasville, Ky. – Jan. 2, 2019 – Phelps Media Group, Inc. International, the country’s leading equestrian public relations and marketing firm, is pleased to welcome MediVet Equine to its extensive list of distinguished clientele. The team at Phelps Media Group is thrilled to partner with MediVet Equine in promoting its line of innovative, all-natural, drug-free products and lab services to the global equestrian community.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Phelps Media Group,” said Mike Kegley, CEO of MediVet Equine. “We look forward to taking advantage of their expertise to help us take our brand to the next level.”

MediVet Equine’s mission is to bring state-of-the-art science, and principled stewardship, to performance horses, their owners and the equine industry. Following the medical model of “do no harm,” MediVet Equine develops scientifically based biological therapeutics, enabling the horse to call on its own healing ability to achieve its full performance potential.

Specializing in regenerative treatments that help the body heal and regain strength, MediVet Equine’s products are designed to activate specific cells and growth factors within horses to encourage and enhance healing. As a result, their products are safe and suitable for all performance horses.

As the original developers of the breakthrough MediVet Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS), which was first introduced to the veterinary community in 2010, MediVet Equine is proud to offer a systemic, preventative approach to whole horse wellness that effectively fights lameness, reduces recovery time after exercise and provides a natural, more comprehensive approach to managing pain and inflammation.

Created, using a patented process, MediVet ACS is an injectable serum, derived from the blood of the horse to be treated (autologous), that significantly reduces the inflammatory response in the body.

Unlike other options that are typically injected into a specific joint or area of injury, MediVet ACS is the first regenerative therapy option of its kind able to be administered intravenously, which allows it to travel through the bloodstream to affected areas as well as trigger an increase in the natural production of targeted cytokines and growth factors.

“I’ve used it on hundreds and hundreds of horses, and I’ve had excellent results,” said owner of Empire Veterinary Group, Dr. Kristian Rhein, DVM, CVA. “Regenerative medicine is the future, as we move away from drugs. MediVet ACS enhances the horse’s ability to protect and heal itself through the delivery of concentrated anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors generated from the horse’s own blood.”

Leading veterinarians validate and endorse MediVet Equine’s technologies in conjunction with some of the world’s leading equine research groups. Today, the team at MediVet Equine continues to break new ground in scientific discoveries through research and development in partnership with the University of Kentucky, MediVet Biologics and Tailor Made Health.

For more information about MediVet Equine, click here or email and call 844-735-5320.

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