Der Dau Partners With the EQUUS Foundation and its EQUUStars to Create High-End Vegan Riding Boots

Announcing New Line of High-Tech Vegan Tall Boots that Help Save Animals and are Kind to the Environment

Der Dau, based in Brooklyn, NY, master craftsmen and leather artisans for over 50 years, has joined forces with the EQUUS Foundation to create a high-end line of vegan boots to be unveiled at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in August that will give back to America’s at-risk horses with each boot purchased. The new tall boot will be horse-show chic, made from high-tech and environmentally-friendly fabric that looks and wears like real leather, and will offer a choice to those who would like to be on the cutting edge of fashion and technology, and be gentle on animals and the environment. Der Dau will donate 20% of the purchase price of every line of vegan boots to the EQUUS Foundation to help at-risk horses across the country who need a lifeline and a next chapter to stay safe.

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